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Does the Protector Romance Book Club cost anything? 


The Protector Romance Book Club (PRBC) is FREE! The authors involved are providing their ebooks free of charge to subscribers in hopes that you'll like the book you read and want to read more of their great stories! 


Feel free to share this Protector Romance Book Club website with your reader friends so they can get in on the yumminess too!


How and when will I receive my books? 

You will receive your first book on the day you subscribe. Then, on the first Sunday of each month you will receive your next book. 


All books will arrive via email from the Protector Romance Book Club with a specific link to a website called BookFunnel. From there you can choose which type of file you want based on what eReader you use (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc)

If you have any trouble getting your book onto your eReader, BookFunnel has truly wonderful customer service to help you out, HERE


I signed up but didn't get my book. What do I do?

When you sign up for the first time, the link to the book pops up right in the sign-up form (missed it? Just re-enter your name/email address again)

If it's past the first Sunday of the month and you haven't received the current month's book, check your spam or promos folder.


If you add to your address book, it should put future emails in your inbox. (Or send an email to saying "HI!!!" and that will help whitelist us)


What if I've already read the book offered one month? 

Some of the Protector Romance Book Club authors may already be a favorite of yours, so we can't guarantee that you won't have already the book being offered. Hopefully the next month will be a book that's new to you and gives you another great author to binge!


Can I access a previous month's book? 

Sorry, no. Due to authors' contractual obligations, books are only available for the single month listed in the calendar. 


Can I suggest an author for the PRBC?

Absolutely! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to suggest an author for next year's Protector Romance Book Club.  We'll see if they're a good fit and are available.


Is my information (email) safe with you? 

The Protector Romance Book Club and its authors are dedicated to protecting your privacy.  Your info will never be sold or given to anyone.


By signing up for the PRBC and receiving the free books, you are agreeing to be included in each authors' newsletter group. You can unsubscribe to any newsletter at any time. As long as you stay subscribed to the Protector Romance Book Club's newsletter you'll keep receiving your books each month in 2022


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